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What is Content Management System (CMS)?

Content Management System (CMS) has gained enormous popularity on the web along the years. This is largely due to its ease of use which gives any general internet user the freedom to manage and maintain their own websites without any complex coding knowledge. This web application keeps track of every piece of content on your website; much like your local public library which keeps track of every books and stores them. The contents can be as simple as text, photos, music, video, documents or just about anything you can think of!

What are the benefits of using CMS?

As websites have become important sources of information in today's global businesses; an effective website has to be frequently updated and well maintained. Fortunately, everything is made easy by having the CMS (Content Management System) which offers easy Graphical User Interface (GUI) to update its contents.

In addition, CMS is also a powerful tool that allows you to update any contents on your website. Having a CMS website is cost-effective in the long run; as you can update and publish web contents directly without relying on a costly maintenance package from any web design agencies.

CMS can be used in all types of websites and in all industries. For example:

  • Corporate website
  • Corporate intranets
  • Small Business Enterprises (SME) website
  • Multi National Companies (MNC) website
  • Tuition centre website
  • School websites and church websites
  • Community portals and websites
  • Property websites and portals
  • Non-profit organization website
  • E-Magazine and E-Newspapers websites
  • Online booking website and online reservation website
  • E and M-Commerce websites
  • Blogs
Having an easy-to-update website for those who are non-IT trained would be essential; especially if you want to create the element of surprise for clients to come back again, for news sharing or promotions. Choosing the right CMS system for your organization or business can be daunting without the help of a specialist.Our Sheesh! Networks team specializes in customised CMS development in Joomla, WordPress and Drupal CMS and has the experience to create dynamic, graphically rich and yet user and search engine friendly websites for our customers.

So, what you waiting for? Ask our specialist today for a non obligated consultation!

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